Bay Sushi 餐廳魚生壽司盤Bay Sushi 餐廳魚生壽司盤


Bay Sushi 是一家國際化的手捲與壽司料理店,就位在濱海灣金沙購物商城。 Bay Sushi 是一家與眾不同的日式壽司餐廳,以現代化的概念製作手捲與壽司,內部設計時尚,具備現代豪華的主題,頂端固定的旋轉帶能同時提供熱食與冷盤,並搭配以全球各地海灣為主題的五彩盤皿。另外還有由手藝精湛的主廚們所創造的創意料理。
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Bay Sushi 能在競爭中脫穎而出,是因為其以現代化的概念製作手捲與壽司,並由手藝精湛的主廚們設計的創意料理, 還有時尚的豪華店內設計,而頂部固定的旋轉帶可同時提供熱食和冷盤,均以全球知名海灣為主題所設計的料理。

Sake Kim, Head Chef

My passion is…

Creating new dishes or recreating dishes that I have tried from various parts of the world, as these make me truly happy.

I find inspiration…

By visiting other restaurants serving up different types of cuisines, and gaining an understanding about the unique types of dishes that are available out there.

Biggest rookie mistake …

Once when I was working as an Assistant Cook, it slipped my mind to put three days’ worth of bisque stock which my superior had made into the fridge, and it turned bad. I had to stay up three nights to make the bisque stock again. Well, every cloud has a silver lining – I had the chance to learn how to prepare bisque stock from scratch!