Roger Vivier

  • 手提包、鞋與飾品

Roger Vivier於1937年在巴黎皇家大道開設其精品店,一直以來爲女性實現夢想。著名荷里活女星Marlène Dietrich和Catherine Deneuve都是他的支持者,而英女皇伊莉莎伯二世登基典禮上所穿的鞋子,也是Roger Vivier先生的設計。Roger Vivier將品質、奢華、靈動與意趣完美融合,呈現至臻永恆的優雅風尚。現任創意總監每季都為品牌注入新的時尚元素,不斷探索和豐富著Roger Vivier先生的設計與理念。

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For decades, his creations have adorned the feet of the most desirable and most powerful women all over the world: Marlène Dietrich, HRM Queen Elizabeth II of England and Catherine Deneuve, among many others. The Maison stands for absolute mastery of technique, creativity and rarity – a heritage that continues to this day with Creative Director, Gherardo Felloni.