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《銀幕上的藝術與科學》(ArtScience on Screen) 透過動態影像、影片和電影,探索藝術和科學之間的交會點。作為一項持續推動的計劃,《銀幕上的藝術與科學》 將展出囊括新加坡和海外多位影片製作人和藝術家們各階段的作品。 


《銀幕上的藝術與科學》 奠定了博物館影像計劃的基礎,同時也展現濱海灣金沙致力於支持當地及國際影像文化和社群的承諾。除了放映之外,藝術科學博物館還會與知名影人和藝術家合作,於 4 樓定期舉辦記者會、座談會和進階班,旨在透過影片和影像, 激發觀眾探索藝術和科學的欲望。


Animal Powers

Animal Powers 

From 30 May
Expression Gallery | Level 4

A miniseries of films featuring some of our most familiar animal friends transformed to become heroes of their own spectacular adventures. Including much-loved films from the Philippines and Malaysia, Animal Powers explores how cinema has imagined a world where otherwise overlooked animals and humans alike take matters into their own hands (or feet) in order to save the day. 



Cicak Man

Follow the shy protagonist Hairi who obtains lizard-like powers quite by accident…


Suddenly able to shrink in scale but increase in strength, a reformed burglar must embrace his inner hero and save the world.


A down-and-out warehouse worker takes on spider powers to defeat his enemy and win the girl of his dreams.

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