In Search of Tomorrow

Spaceships, androids, floating cities and red dusty planets – In Search of Tomorrow celebrates visions of the future with science fiction films that depict fantasies of what life could be like, on Earth or elsewhere.

In the shiny and bold world of science fiction, humanity's aesthetic of the future has always been shaped by our fear of the unknown, and our unshakable desire to peek behind the curtain. 

This October to December, we take an expansive dive into the kaleidoscopic tapestry of sci-fi on screen. From 1950s pseudoscience B-movies to space epics that pushed the boundaries of filmmaking, the genre continues to be redefined with new classics that explore speculative, even mystical, narratives.

In Search of Tomorrow line-up of films explores humanity’s insatiable creativity and fascination with divining our futures – featuring the visionary, modernist eras of Soviet cinema, glitchy wasteland cities of Japanese cyberpunk, and mind-warping, techno-spiritual worlds that blur the line between sci-fi and magical realism.

Due to popular demand, screenings of selected episodes of Astro Boy and Cosmos: A Personal Voyage have been extended till February and March respectively.

From 16 Oct 2023 (Extended to 31 Mar 2024)
ArtScience Cinema, Level 4

ticket Ticketed admission with online pre-booking


Screenings are on a first-come-first-served basis, and subjected to venue capacity.


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