Director of Logistics & Business Services,
Marina Bay Sands


To commemorate the 14th anniversary of Marina Bay Sands, we shine a spotlight on Shanker, the first Team Member to join Sands Expo & Convention Centre.



As a three-time winner at the Singapore Tourism Awards, and Southeast Asia’s first triple-platinum certified venue in sustainability, Sands Expo & Convention Centre has much to be proud of.

To commemorate 14 years since the opening of Marina Bay Sands and Sands Expo, we spoke with Shanker, Director of Logistics and Business Services, Convention Services, who holds the distinction of being the first Team Member employed to work at Sands Expo & Convention Centre and the key person behind the intricate set-up of events held at the venue.


1. What motivated you to join Marina Bay Sands 15 years ago?

After a two-year stint at Sands Venetian Macao to help launch the property, I embarked on a new chapter of my career, joining Marina Bay Sands in 2009 as part of the pre-opening team. The main motivation for the move was to immerse myself in the intricacies of mega projects and hone my expertise in venue logistics management.

Beyond logistics, the role at Marina Bay Sands encompasses diverse domains such as construction, safety protocols, regulatory compliance, and operation executions. This has honed my logistical acumen and instilled a multifaceted skill set essential for navigating the multifarious challenges inherent to large venues like Sands Expo.


2. Could you share the biggest challenge you faced during your journey with Marina Bay Sands?

The most outstanding memories were from my initial years with Marina Bay Sands. Even though I had experience launching meeting venues in the past, the sheer size and logistical demands of Sands Expo are incomparable to my previous projects.

One challenge was the need for careful planning as the exhibition halls were designed without loading bays and the three halls at each level shared a single entrance. This could lead to delays especially on days when multiple events are happening. Meticulous scheduling and coordination are needed to prevent major traffic congestion around the property.


3. You have been with Marina Bay Sands since 2009. What keeps you going?

Over the past one and a half decade, I have witnessed Sands Expo blossom into the exceptional destination it is today. Working on major large-scale events including CommunicAsia, TFWA Asia and Sea Asia over the past 15 years has been highly rewarding for me.

I have seen numerous changes in the MICE industry during my time here and I recognise the need to embrace and adapt to these changes with an open mind. The key thing that keeps me going is the privilege of working with many visionary leaders over the years who are forward looking and are constantly incorporating new technologies to strengthen our value proposition as a venue.