Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd August

Location: Skating Rink at The Shoppes. Canal Level, B2 (Near Rasapura® Masters)

Tangle is a huge, interactive weaving event created live by children and their families. It is part spectacular visual arts installation, part performance, part playground, and all fun. In a space like a giant peg board, children and families create a landscape together, weaving elastic in many colours around all slender golden poles. It is an organic and constantly evolving piece, vibrant and fuelled by live music. Tangle is where children take control and create a giant abstract visually stunning artwork in public spaces, by stretching their bodies and their imaginations.

How Tangle works:

Children enter Tangle with a ball of coloured elastic which they are given at the entrance to the space. Once inside the space they are invited to tie one end to a pole of their choice and then start winding – around the poles, choosing their own path and in control of their own direction. Once their ball of elastic is finished, they start to work with the elastic they see around them and the play begins in earnest – with stretching, using entire bodies to pull and entangle the material getting completely wound up in it and falling about with helpless laughter. Adults are also encouraged to enter Tangle with children as well.

  • Free admission for the first 30 kids in the 2pm – 4 pm session each day
  • Operating Hours: 2pm – 4pm & 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Each session can hold 150 children. Suitable for children  2-12 years of age.

$5 Children under 16 years.  Accompanying Adults are FREE!
TANGLE Ticket proceeds will be donated to Community Chest