Play it Forward - Sands For Singapore Charity EventPlay it Forward - Sands For Singapore Charity Event


30 July 2016

Marina Bay Sands’ one and only property-wide charity race, Play It Forward is returning for the second year after its first successful run in 2015!

Set to flag off on 30 July, Saturday, Play It Forward will see participants completing tasks and challenges set across the integrated resort. For all who are young and young-at-heart, this is the opportunity to lend your brains and brawn to grab $75,000 worth of cash and prizes for charities* of your choice! Competing teams will also get a chance to ace your tasks at key attractions such as ArtScience Museum and Sands SkyPark.

Marina Bay Sands welcomes corporates or members of the public aged 13 years and above to spend a meaningful Saturday by racing for charity. And there are no registration fees!

Registration opens on 15 June and closes on 10 July.

*Participants will choose their charity from a list of charities provided by Marina Bay Sands.

FAQs on Play It Forward

1.       What is Play It Forward?

Play It Forward is a charity race which will take place around the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort on Saturday, 30 July 2016. This is the second year that Marina Bay Sands is organizing the race. Play It Forward is part of Marina Bay Sands’ annual charity festival, the Sands for Singapore Charity Festival.

2.       Who can take part in Play It Forward?

This competition is open to all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and other parties resident in Singapore.

3.       Is there an age limit for Play It Forward’s participants?

Members of public aged 13 and above are welcome to participate. We welcome all who are willing to take up this challenge and help the local community in need.

However, entrants below 18 years old must obtain their Parent/Guardian’s consent before submitting an entry, and will be required to submit a written evidence of consent if they are selected to participate in this charity race.

4.       How do I take part in this charity race?

You must form a team of six participants and two reserves, and submit the application along with your details and a 200 word write-up at the link provided. You can also submit any supporting photos or videos to this application in a form of a publicly-accessible link to YouTube or Facebook. Registration opens on 15 June and closes on 10 July.

5.       How do I know if my application has been submitted?

All teams will receive a confirmation email from Marina Bay Sands once their application has been processed.

6.       How do teams win Play It Forward?

Teams will complete challenges at different game stations across the property within a given time. Teams will be scored on the no. of points obtained at each station.

7.        What does the winning team receive?

Teams will be competing for cash and prizes worth over S$75,000 which will be donated by Marina Bay Sands to the teams’ pre-selected charities. Participants will choose their charity from a list of charities provided by Marina Bay Sands at a later date.  

8.       Which charities does Play It Forward support?

Marina Bay Sands will share a pre-determined list of Singapore-based charities for participants to choose from at a later date.

9.       Can I choose to donate to charities that are not in Marina Bay Sands’ pre-determined list?

The list of Singapore-based charities have been carefully selected and pre-approved by Marina Bay Sands for the purpose of this race. We welcome suggestions for future collaborations and you can email us at

10.       How many teams will be selected?

We are looking for 25 teams to take part in Play It Forward. Each team will consist of 6 participants.

11.   How will the selected teams be notified?

The selected teams will be notified through email and/or by phone.

12.   Where will the challenge stations be located?

The location of the challenge stations will not be revealed until the start of the competition but they will be within the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.

13.   Where is the flag-off venue?

The flag-off will be at the Event Plaza.

14.   Will attractions (e.g. SkyPark Observation Deck, ArtScience Museum) remain operational during Play it Forward?

Yes, all our attractions including, but not limited to the SkyPark Observation Deck and ArtScience Museum, remain fully operational and open to guests.