Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski Waterschool Exhibition Video Gallery

Home to 480 million people, the Yangtze supports one third of China’s population. From Shanghai to Geladangdong Massif, the source of the river, it is the third largest river in the world.

The Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski Waterschool exhibition unfolds over seven different chapters, portraying the overwhelming landscape and dignified faces of people Eric met on his way: traditional potters who make their living from the river’s clay, fishermen of the Eastern Lake, patient tea planters continuing a 2000 year old tradition, a stopover in a tradition Naxi village, an adventurous painter inspired by the ever-changing light and landscape, Lamas and villages coming together to protect nature, creating a unique testimony of traditional China, far from the beaten track.